Welcome to Akhaura Info Foundation

Welcome to Akhaura Info Foundation

Nonprofit social, rural health & education development organization. Established September 11, 2009 with aim to solve the social problems within the area. Later expanded the social services and working across the country.

The organization has completed several blood donation programs, emergency hazard response support, social awareness activities, educational training programs through school, college and several institutions.

From end of the year of 2014, the organizations nonprofit team workers started supporting and developing web development applications which helps a lot to the society.

Other than the social application, the organization has developed educational, calculative, traffic and social incident reporting application. The organization is also working jointly with other large organizations time based while the requirement is large and needed to collaborations. We have jointly worked with several larger organizations to support the social activities.

Recently the organization has supported other organizations by developing their software applications, giving web storage, web hosting services, email services, etc. Our latest supported applications is ‘Attiya’ which is working for blood donation services for Akhaura Upazila.

Md. Sazzad Hossain Sharkar

Software Engineer, Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Independent Trainer, IT Consultant, NGO/ NPO Staff

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