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Welcome to Akhaura Info Foundation

Most well-known nonprofit social, rural, health and education development organization. From the organization's establishment, our main goal was to develop and improve the education sector and we succeeded in this sector very much. Within the several past years, we provided social and rural services, health services like blood donations, medicine donations etc. although, we arranged several educational training programs for teachers and university students.

On education sector, we provide free of charge education services for poor children’s who are not able to continue their study for educational expenses. We also support for providing cloth and food distribution etcetera.

We arrange emergency environmental hazard support (medicine, food distribution, and shelter). Within the past 7 years, we have expanded our work to the whole country. Previously our goal was to improve our city from literacy and social development. At this moment our work has been expended and we are now able to work within the whole country where peoples are suffering from education and undeveloped environment.

Individual persons and Companies in our country supporting us for arranging campaigns. We are also well-known at worldwide. Worlds most well-known companies are also supporting our organization to improve our society.

We have been recognized and supported by our government officials and local authorities for our works. Also, some media publications have been written articles about our works as well. Our team members are working hard on expanding our support everywhere.

Currently, we are also arranging online and offline based classes for our students. Most of the classes hardware and software’s are donated by our sponsors. Such as Microsoft’s Skype for Business for arranging meetings and classes, Slack for team communications, Zend Technologies provided Zend Server and Zend Studio for providing free of charge classes. Although, all of the premium costs software services are sponsored by our honorable sponsors.

We will expend our nonprofit services to worldwide. We require everyone’s attention to our organization. Support and donations to our organization are very much appreciated!

We are trying to help everyone... Check out who's behind us: Our Sponsors

We work for education

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We provide teachers trainings

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We do social activities

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We arrange health and medical campaigns

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We support for good

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We are Akhaura Info Foundation

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